Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Nail Polishes: A Review

You might be wondering if non-toxic nail polishes truly work. We reviewed some of the best non-toxic nail polishes. We must say that the ones we have tried are as good as, if not, better than conventional nail polishes.

London Town

This nail polish might be our favorite among the non-toxic nail polishes we have tried. The consistency is not too thick or thin. Therefore, applying it was easy. Another reason why it was easy to apply is because of the brush. The colors are shimmery and vibrant. The nail polish for a week before it chipped. Removing it was also a breeze. The polish is cruelty-free, vegan, and has botanicals, flower extracts, and oils.

Butter London

Butter London is another great cruelty-free and vegan polish that is easy to apply. It dried fast and applying one coat is enough. The finish was smooth and it lasted for almost a week. The luster of the polish maintained the same before it chipped. It was also easy to remove.

Ten Over Ten

We also enjoyed using Ten Over Ten, but we thought it easily chipped a little. Nevertheless, there could have been a mistake in how we applied it. It is still great because of the shiny and smooth finish. The colors are intense, too. After 2 coats, the colors were even and covered the nails completely.

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