Do High Testosterone Levels Make Men More Attracted to Women?

The male hormone, better known as testosterone, has well-documented effects on the competitiveness and status-seeking behaviour of men. However, a more recent question is whether boosting testosterone with testosterone booster supplements impacts what men find attractive in women.

High Testosterone Levels

According to recent studies, men with high levels of testosterone are more attracted to women with the typical feminine face; big eyes, small jaws and high eyebrows. These findings make sense because these are the features indicative of good genes like high fertility and proper physical qualities in women.

It is also important to note that men with high testosterone levels are accustomed to a lifestyle that makes their attraction to women biased. For example, these men are used to winning in life. They, therefore, expect to attract a lot of beautiful women naturally. These men also have more pronounced masculine features, which generally spikes interest in the other gender.

An Experiment

An experiment was conducted in which men had a gel massaged into their backs. Half of the group received testosterone gel, while the rest had a gel with no active ingredient administered to them. The men were then asked to rate female faces for attractiveness. The faces were carefully manipulated to appear less or more attractive.

After a few days, the men returned, and the researchers swapped the gels. Again, they were asked to rate the same female faces for attractiveness.

The men were asked to rate the women they were shown for short-term and long-term relationships.


When massaged with testosterone gel, men rated women with feminine features more attractive.

On further analysis, the research showed no difference in ratings for short-term attractiveness in women for men who received testosterone gel and those who did not.

On the other hand, men on testosterone were less attracted to feminine women for long-term relationships. This can be attributed to previous studies, which show that more feminine women are much more likely to cheat on their partners compared to their other counterparts.

It is, therefore, true to say that testosterone also increases the sensitivity of men to infidelity instincts and thus influencing the decision men to make when choosing a long-term partner. You will find that men tend to go for women with less feminine faces to reduce the likelihood of cheating.

The Infidelity Cues

As we have seen above, researchers have established that men with high testosterone levels are more worried that their woman might leave them for another man. They deal with this fear by going after women who are less likely to cheat on them.

On the contrary, these men are not worried about being with a feminine woman for a short-term fling. While they know that such a woman is likely to cheat, they are less worried.

Testosterone increases men’s preference for femininity in the woman they choose to be with. However, the specific choices that men with high testosterone levels make are dependent on the kind of relationships that they are looking for.

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