Skincare Guide: Incorporating CBD in Your Skin Care Routine

CBD is now gathering attention in the never-dying skincare trend, and many factories are now considering adding this ingredient to new formulations for the skin. Still, as the CBD flower is from a Cannabis plant, it is also subjected to a lot of concerns and controversies. Despite this fact, no one can deny its numerous benefits, which include managing pain and reducing inflammation as well as stress. But, what wonders can it do for your skin?

CBD as Food for Your Skin

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound naturally occurring in hemp, a cannabis plant. Once taken, it acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system inside the body that maintains homeostasis (balance) on the vital roles, which include mood, metabolism, stress, pain perception, immune response, and a lot more. Once the balance is removed, a lot of problems will emerge.

For instance, an imbalance in skin oil production will eventually lead to inflammatory skin conditions, dry skin, acne, and signs of early aging.

CBD can bind straight to the endocannabinoid system receptors when applied to the skin, thus supporting skin homeostasis. These receptors help manage the functions of skin organs specifically for protection, thermoregulation, immune function, and water retention.

Tips on Using CBD in Your Skincare Routine

Many skincare products with CBD are already available in the market, so it’s normal to be confused and overwhelmed. Also, trying all the products at once is expensive. Below are the tips you can follow for your skincare routine:

Knowing Your Skin Type

This is the most important step in your skincare routine, especially when using a new kind of formula for your skin. This will help magnify the effects better while preventing possible allergies and reactions from occurring. Skin Types include (1) Oily, (2) Dry, (3) Combination, (4) Sensitive, and (5) Normal.

Skin types may change over time depending on the person’s habits, diet, age, hormones, and stress levels. It is highly recommended to always apply a patch test whenever a new product is introduced in your routine.

Choose a Good CBD Skincare Product

A good CBD skincare is a product with high potency CBD. High potency is equal to high effectiveness especially when the product is applied to the skin. CBD skincare formula with low potency may not even reach the ECS receptors and your desired results may not even manifest in the slightest. This means you are just wasting your money.

It is recommended to look for third-party laboratory analysis to clarify the concentration of CBD and also to check if the product is free from any harmful chemicals that may bring harm to the user’s body.

Final Thoughts

Since skincare is proving to be more than just a passing trend, there is no doubt that there are more CBD benefits to be discovered the more it is used. Like any other skin care formula, users must apply the product religiously to see other benefits it could bring to the skin organ. CBD skin care products can also help maintain processes involving sleep and stress, which means an overall improvement not only to the skin but to health overall.

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