Why People Are Eating Raw Weed Buds For The Health Benefits

The acceptance of cannabis products has come a long way. Back then, the most recognizable product was marijuana and it was used only for smoking. Now, people are crazy about buds from a new collection of thca hemp flower launched by exhalewell.com. With many medical studies backing it up, it seems that the newfound habit can provide health benefits. The responsible for this is compound known as THCA.

What Is THCA

The 2 most prominent compounds in cannabis products are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). If you haven’t known yet, CBD is what makes cannabis products acceptable to the public. It is the compound that gives health benefits to the consumer. On the other hand, THC is the compound responsible for the addictive nature of cannabis products.

However, the aforementioned compounds can be extracted if processed, especially involving heat. That is why when people want to get high, weed is being smoked. Fortunately, there are health benefits that you can get from the raw forms of the compounds.

THCA and CBDA are the unprocessed forms of THC and CBD. There are a few differences between CBDA and CBD, but there is a lot between THCA and THC.

The obvious difference in the latter comparison is the addictive quality. If raw cannabis products are consumed, you won’t get high because the compound prevalent is only THCA. Since weed has more amount of THC, having it in raw form can keep the compound in its THCA form and prevent incurring the addictive aspects.

Reason Why People Eat Raw Weed Buds

Ever since the perspective about cannabis products became more positive, many companies are producing alternative ways to enjoy the benefits brought by the cannabis plant. Some extract oil from it in order to consume directly or to mix with meal ingredients.

Others, however, gather the raw parts of the plant and prepare them into edibles like what people are doing now to raw weed buds. People eat those buds because of the health benefits that some medical studies have discovered. And out of the beneficial compounds, the THCA is what those people are after.

The Benefits

As one takes raw weed buds, he/she will obtain THCA components rather than THC. Therefore, he/she cannot get high yet still able to reap the health benefits, which are anti-inflammation and relaxation. The receptors of the endocannabinoid system are not triggered by the presence of the THCA molecule due to its size. Therefore, the psychoactive effects will not show up.

Nevertheless, eating raw weed buds can be unpleasant for many people. That is why there are ways in order to consume them without having to heat them or have them undergo decarboxylation. You can either blend the raw buds to make a juice or smoothie or incorporate them in the salads.

Like all other edibles, consumption of more than the recommended amount can do more harm than good. Even though raw weed buns can provide you with anti-inflammatory properties and relaxation, studies show that you can get anxious, dry mouth, and increased heart rate when consuming them recklessly. So, moderation is highly advised.

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