Cork Nature

Cork Nature is owned by Ana Antunes, a Seattle resident originally from Portugal. Cork has been part of the Portuguese culture she grew up in for thousands of years. Her fascination for this amazing tree and its unique features, her love for Portugal and for these beautiful products led her to create Cork Nature.
Cork is 100% sustainable, durable as leather and is silky soft, waterproof, stain-resistant, lightweight and beautiful. It is mildew and odor resistant, hypo-allergenic and naturally repels mosquitoes! What is not to like about cork? Cork Nature's goal is to provide a strong selection of sustainable cork handbags, wallets and accessories, office and tech products made with the most genuine cork fabric contributing to the preservation of local traditions and the environment. Cork Nature takes pride of quality over quantity. We work with local companies, we choose the best handcrafted products according to traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. We take pride in selecting the best quality materials, locally handcrafted by fairly paid workers.


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