J. P. Chino in Chocolate Brown

J. P. Chino in Chocolate Brown

$ 105.00


The J. P. Chino is built for comfort with a fair amount of stretch. Dress them up for work with a blazer or make them more casual with tennis shoes and a vegan leather jacket!

Nifty Genius collections combine menswear intelligence and pedigree with craft and technology to create affordable luxury that transcends perceived value.

What makes Nifty Genius special?

Every piece in the collection is made of fabric hand picked from special mills in Japan. This means the fabric you be wearing is among the highest quality and construction in the world. The fabrics are often made on narrow shuttle looms found in remote areas of the Japanese countryside.

Using an unprecedented design aesthetic philosophy, every single garment is finished with laser etched Ultrasuede labels and trimming. This has never been done before and makes each piece sold unique in its own right.

Available in Chocolate Brown and Jet Black.

97% Cotton 3% Spandex