Nix Mouthwash: A Review

Nix Mouthwash only contains natural and clean ingredients. It has 10 ingredients you are likely familiar with such as vitamin E, peppermint oil, and aloe vera among many others.

Aside from having healthy and recognizable ingredients, this mouthwash can be refilled to avoid more waste. You can reuse the same plastic bottle when you need to refill.

We love and here’s why:

It’s convenient

Rather than tablets, the refills of this mouthwash are dissolvable crystals. This is not only more convenient but also more fun because of the texture. You also do not need to wait for it to dissolve, unlike tablets.

It doesn’t have a strong taste

It has a kind of refreshing taste that is missing in other natural mouthwash. It is also gentle and light to use. It does not have a strong taste, unlike other mouthwashes. It makes breath refreshing without the burning feeling.

It’s eco-friendly

As mentioned, we love the fact that we do not need to get a new bottle of this mouthwash every time we need it. This is helpful if there is no zero-waste shop near your house. You can easily have it refilled which reduces waste. Moreover, they also donate 10% of their earnings to environmental charities and organizations such as Dental Relief. Besides taking care of the environment, they want children to access ample dental care.

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