Sustainable Ways to Care for Your Clothes

Proper care for clothes is crucial in being more fashion conscious. You might be wondering what sustainable ways you can do to take care of your garments.

Being Responsible for Washing Clothes

Because of overwashing, some of our favorite pieces get damaged such as too stretched out, faded colors, losing buttons, broken zippers, shrunken tops, and shapeless shirts. The impact of washing machines is harsh on your clothes and the environment.

Using washing machines to wash and dry clothes contribute to 120 million tons of CO2. This can be alarming, but there is something you can do to lower it. You can simply wash and dry less.

For clothing pieces such as socks, and underwear, you need to wash them after every use. Nevertheless, for pieces such as sweaters, jackets, and denim, you do not need to wash them as often.

Washing machines do hasten the drying of our clothes, but it also hastens their wear and tear. Exposure to high can shrink or damage the fabric, fade the colors, or make the elastics loose. The average use of dryers at home consumes more energy compared to other appliances at home.

Therefore, it is best to refrain from using dryers as much as possible. Instead, you can hang dry, line dry, or lay the clothes flatly to help the environment more and make your clothes last longer.

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