Why Cork Is Eco-Friendly

Cork has been used in products such as car interiors and yoga mats. That is because many industries are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. Moreover, cork is considered one of the most eco-friendly materials used for manufacturing. Continue reading to know why cork is eco-friendly.


Cork strippers harvest cork by removing the bark from cork oak trees. This means that there is no need to cut a tree down to get cork. Skilled workers do the process of stripping cork carefully so that the trees are not affected.

Also, cork oak trees re-grow fast. If a cork oak tree is 25 years old, cork strippers can harvest the bark every 9 to 12 years. Cork can be harvested numerous times since cork oak trees can live up to around 200 years.

Supporting Biodiversity

Compared to other types of forests, forests that have cork oak trees can grow about 135 plant species for every square kilometer. These forests can also be home to animals which includes some endangered animals.


Aside from being eco-friendly, how durable a product is should be considered. Products made from cork can last for a long period. Even with wear and tear, this material can last for many years.

Great Leather Alternative

Cork is considered plant-based, so it means products made from this material are natural and vegan.

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