Indigenous Beauty Brands You Need to Know

When you visit a makeup store, you will not always see beauty products from indigenous brands. Sadly, they do not get the attention they deserve in the beauty market. Continue reading to know some of the indigenous beauty brands that are making a difference with their quality products.

Sister Sky

A woman-owned and Native American brand, Sister Sky makes and offers natural beauty products. Their Native-American-inspired products include white willow body mist, lotion, and shampoo, and bath bombs made of sweetgrass.

They have a lotion ideal for people with eczema. Some of the key ingredients they use are sweetgrass, shave grass herb, white willow, and marshmallow root.

Yukon Soaps

The brand utilizes ingredients harvested locally and from the wild such as juniper berries, rose petals, and spruce tips. The mission of the brand is to impart knowledge to the community about the brand’s tradition and culture through the soap-making procedure. Some of the products they have are indigenous artisan soap bars, body oils, and essential soap bars.


Owned and operated by an indigenous brand, this skincare brand is an inspiration from native ingredients and legends. Sequoia’s products include bath bombs, lip balms, soaps, and candles. All of their products and packaging are made using ingredients that were ethically sourced. These are also made locally, so they do not outsource anything in manufacturing their products.

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