Eco-Friendly Perfume Brands Worth Trying

When you thought of switching to using natural skin care products, you might have thought of changing your shampoo, deodorant, or makeup. Perfumes are not likely on your list since most people find it hard to look for an environmentally friendly and non-toxic perfume. Continue reading to know some of the eco-friendly perfume brands.

Henry Rose

Henry Rose is a conscious brand that offers various fragrances that are Cradle to Cradle and EWG certified. Their perfumes are created from a mix of natural ingredients and non-toxic synthetics. They do not also have toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, styrene, and phthalates. The scents are spicy, earthy, smooth, and clean. The brand is virtually zero waste because of the use of recyclable materials for packaging.

Cultus Artem

This eco-friendly perfume brand is made in small batches in the US. Elegance is the ideal word to describe this perfume. The scents are floral, fresh, citrus, crisp, and cool. Their perfumes do not have ethanolamines, formaldehyde, BHA, BHT, parabens, color additives, phthalates, and other suspicious chemicals. Gender-neutral perfumes go through strict quality analysis and tests. The brand aims to reduce waste from their products to their packaging.


Perfumes from Abbott are made from the cleanest and eco-friendly ingredients. Their perfumes are also gender-neutral and do not contain suspicious chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Their perfumes are made using a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients which you can all see on their website. They are also sustainable when it comes to their packaging.

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